social media

  • Using Facebook To Generate Traffic


    Social networking sites like Facebook are great platforms to find your old friends and make new ones. They are also great to use for generating traffic to any website, particularly a blog website. To generate traffic to your site or blog you have to first create a profile/page for your business. You then add a link…
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  • Using LinkedIn To Generate Traffic

    LinkedIn is a great social networking site that if used properly, can help increase your website traffic. First you have to create a LinkedIn profile. You also need to submit the name and the link of your business website to the Website Section of LinkedIn. This insures that people visiting your profile can visit your…
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  • Using Twitter To Generate Traffic

    Social media marketing is a powerful tool in the marketing world right now and Twitter is at the very top of that list. If you haven’t already become involved in this technique, it’s time that you started. If you are somehow not aware of Twitter, it’s a service that allows you to send out short…
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  • Using YouTube To Generate Traffic

    YouTube is a video-sharing website. Are you still stuck on an old idea that you can only get visitors to your website by spending a significant chunk of your financial investment on a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign? If you are, then this is the best time to expand your online marketing reality. Generating free…
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