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  • When Not To Use A Website Designer

    website designer

    A website designer is the last consideration, in launching a new small business. Be it a traditional / main street or online, there is so much to building a successful business.

    Building a successful online business includes things like understanding what your potential customers really want, paid advertisements, and more.

    Then add to that taking your business online and having to consider content marketing, sales funnels, conversion optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), and so much more. Read More

  • Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

    No website? Still not online? Here are three important reasons for getting your business online today.

    When I call on businesses offering my web design and hosting services, the first question I ask, naturally, is “Does your business have a website?” If not, then I ask for the person in charge of these things (for my niche, usually the owner) and give my pitch.

    It’s 2016, so you would think that they would jump, but it’s not that easy. The small independent businesses that don’t have websites (and there are a bunch!) would have had one already, if they thought they needed one.  Read More

  • Generating Traffic Using An Email Newsletter

    generate traffic

    Generating Traffic Using An Email Newsletter begins with a list of email subscribers.

    This list can be made up of customers and prospective customers.

    Both of these lists should be kept separate, but combined for the purpose of a newsletter.

    As subscribers are a highly targeted audience, an email newsletter can generate traffic, of the highest quality,
    that any website can experience.  Read More

  • Using Facebook To Generate Traffic


    Social networking sites like Facebook are great platforms to find your old friends and make new ones. They are also great to use for generating traffic to any website, particularly a blog website.

    To generate traffic to your site or blog you have to first create a profile/page for your business. You then add a link to your site or blog with a brief introduction and description of your business.   Read More

  • Using Twitter To Generate Traffic

    Social media marketing is a powerful tool in the marketing world right now and Twitter is at the very top of that list.

    If you haven’t already become involved in this technique, it’s time that you started.

    If you are somehow not aware of Twitter, it’s a service that allows you to send out short messages (Tweets) to all of the people who have decided to follow you.

    It started out as a way to talk to your friends and family (and to keep track of famous celebrities), but has quickly turned into a powerful marketing method.   Read More