How To Write An About US Page

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Mirror yourself in the About Us page of your website. The first page most new visitors of your website or blog view is the “About Us” page.

This page should reflect your personality and the content or your website. The people visit your bio page in order to know the person or business behind all the content in your blog and website.

People take interest in reading blogs of people who they look up to, like a celebrity; or someone they can relate with. Or someone who shares the same interests as them, or who has a solution to their problems. 

Hence it is important to write about yourself or business and the purpose of your blog and offering.

Now that we know why it is necessary to write an “About US” or “About Me”page, let us look at how we can go about writing the page.

Writing The About Us Page

Let the page be a mirror of you and your blog or business. In simple terms, let it summarize you and the content on your website.

Blogs do not have to be formal, so with the bio page. Keep it as casual as possible, like how you would talk to a person you are meeting for the first time. You can make it witty, people always gel well with lighthearted people.

About Us PageAmong all these, let the visitors understand your level of expertise in the content of your blog. For example, if your blog is about cooking for first timers, share your experiences in cooking as a first timer and that you have a solution to all the common mistakes one tends to make, since you have done exactly those mistakes yourself. As for your business, demonstrate your reliability and proficiency in your field.

  • Mention your contact information, so that the people can reach out to you if needed.
  • Include links to other websites where people can find you, for example, social networking sites.
  • It is always better to include a photograph. Let people see you, rather than imagine you as a faceless person.

Make sure that you do not ramble on to give a complete biography. Just highlight your personality and the content of your blog or website. A little mystery keeps you fresh.

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